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Love and Huggs Dating Page for Christian Singles
Welcome My Friend!

We Want to welcome you to our christian page. My wife and I being christians and married for 30 years, knows the importance of finding that special, and right one for that lasting relationship. Being christians don't make us better then anyone else, however it does make us different in many ways. Frankly because of our respect for God we don't live the same way as others. And for the most part, you want someone that lives and thinks the way you do. And if that's the friend you have come to the right place. You can contact each site directly through the links, and banners below. And if there are any questions you may have please contact the site directly…and above all may God bless you today!​
If you see a problem with this site, please don't hesatate to email us. Or if you just want to comment on the site good or bad...please do so. We appreciate any and all feed back.
Christian Cafe
You want that special person that looks at life the way you do.  You'll find that one right here at  So don't be shy come on up to the Cafe now.
Christian Mingle
Christian Mingle dot Com has a multitude of christian singles just waiting for someone like you. Remember nothing happens for no reason. The steps of a righteous man (or woman) is ordered by the Lord.

So take a look see, talk to the people on the inside and see if God has prepared that just one for you here! If you do take a look, I think you will end up with a happy face. May God bless you my friend today.
Christians Need Mates Too...Won't You Try It For Free?